My Satisfied Clients

“We recently selected Gladys to list our late mother's home in Sunnyvale.  When we interviewed her and her broker they gave us a huge education on the Sunnyvale housing market.  We thought we had a pretty good idea of what it was all about but in reality we knew nothing.  Gladys and her broker were up front but not pushy and provided nothing but facts.  We were so impressed with them we signed the papers to list the house that day.

Then came her unbelievable hard work, we've never experienced a realtor that was willing to put forth so much time and effort.  She gave us pointers on things we should and shouldn't upgrade in the home and even picked up items from the store and delivered them to the house.  She set up all the flooring folks, appraisers, inspectors, handymen, etc. and was there on site while they performed their duties. They were all awesome and very reasonable.

I could go on and on but no need to write a novel.  She is by far the BEST realtor anyone in our family has experienced.  She went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we had a great experience and we definitely did. I highly recommend her.”

--Trina C.

"We heard about Gladys through a friend and it turned out she had helped a bunch of our friends purchase a house as well. Gladys is not the average real-estate agent, she is passionate about her job and goes above and beyond what's normally expected. She was highly organized from beginning to end,  always on top of what's the current status and what are the next steps. Before we made the offer, she advised us to make a competitive offer based on the comps and our offer ended up getting accepted over 10 others. She also went over and above the real-estate transaction and helped with facilitating meetings with a lender that we ended up getting the home loan from and a contractor to help with the post-close remodelling. And oh, our son has become good friends with her over the past few months and keeps insisting that the house we've purchased belongs to Gladys and keeps asking where she is! The Bay Area housing market is crazy and you need an expert by your side. I've no hesitation in recommending Gladys to all my friends."

--Preethi S.

“We worked with Gladys while buying our first home. We could not have found someone who was more easy going to work with than Gladys. She is extremely knowledgeable about the housing market in the bay area. Thanks to her diligence and thoroughness, we managed to close on a home which we really liked quiet conveniently.

Gladys is always 2 steps ahead thinking about next steps, and you can count on her to cross all the t-s and dot all the i-s. She did an excellent job negotiating with the seller while keeping an eye on the time for all things necessary for closing. She is very organized and goes about things very methodically.

I would definitely recommend her if you are a first time home-buyer or someone looking at investing. She is dependable, thorough, trust-worthy and very easy going to work with.”

--Harish D.


“Gladys helped me buy my home and she did an outstanding job.  She was very patient with my questions, I asked a whole lot and repeated some of them too.  When it came to negotiating with the seller's agent, Gladys really shined. She represented me very well, kept me in the loop throughout the tense negotiations.  My bid won largely because of Gladys and her experience.”

--Rich R.


“Gladys represented me as a seller of a home in Sunnyvale. Her in depth knowledge of the market in that area was unparalleled. She was extremely motivated and driven. Her responsiveness to meeting my needs was incredible.

She definitely went the extra mile for me. I highly recommend her. She held two open houses and had an offer on the home within one week, and escrow closing within one month later. She was AMAZING!”

--Randy L.


“We had an awesome experience working with Gladys to purchase our Second house. She understands the requirement very quickly and helps energetically with full passion finding you the exact specification you are looking in your dream house. She is very thorough in her work. She does very good research about the house we were interested in and made sure we did not miss analyzing the house from any aspect that mattered to us. With her due help, it didn’t take us much time to get our second house, which was very quick.

Deciding your requirement and bidding is one thing. She was always on top of everything from signing the document to all the inspections, escrow and final title signing. She made the whole process like a super cool breeze for us.  And above all, I would say all her wise and genuine advices during the house hunt was really helpful.

In review language, I would say she is beyond 6 STARS rating. She puts her soul and heart into her profession and that you will know once you buy your Dream home with her.

Gladys Rocks!! 6 STARS!! Highly Recommended!!

--Neetu G.


“Gladys was our agent (as a buyer) for an investment property. I was very happy with the overall experience, she was a guide at every step of the process. We looked around for almost a year, made multiple bids, lost many, saw umpteen homes, and every time Gladys was there to HELP!

With her, we could educate ourselves, and make informed decisions. She is one of the best I have come across.  She goes over and above her work as a buyers' agent...she even helped us with the process after the escrow was complete.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend her to anyone , and will work with her for any future transaction....”

--Chinar M.


“Gladys was the real estate agent for our recent home purchase. It was an emotional ride, and even though prices have been crazy and the loan process tough, Gladys was an exceptional fairy godmother throughout the process.

We've never had anyone hold our hand like this, and it is value for money for all the advice and support Gladys gave. Indeed she goes above and beyond to help throughout the way, from giving my husband a lift to the title office (he usually bikes to work), helping watch our toddler during viewings, to accompanying me do the final wire transfer. What touched me was how, on the day she delivered the key to us, I could see that she returned to her car with a bounce in her step, smiling. She seemed truly happy to have reached the finishing line with us.

Thank you Gladys, and we're glad you were part of this special time in our lives as a family.” 

--Su-Lin C.


“Gladys was our agent when we bought our home recently. She has excellent knowledge of the neighborhoods, local schools and county/city regulations. We spent lots of time visiting properties on the market with Gladys and she was very good at pointing out plus points or problems that we would have otherwise missed. Where applicable, she also gave us suggestions on how a home could be remodeled to make it our own if we ended up buying the place. This really helped us focus our search.

We did not feel pushed or rushed at any point and we were happy that Gladys worked with us at our pace. During the offer and closing process, Gladys did a great job negotiating on our behalf and getting all the inspections done on time.

After the whole buying process was done Gladys continued to help us with finding the right contractors for the remodel work we wanted to do. Overall we were very happy and would recommend her strongly.”

--Abhinva S.


“We had a very good experience working with Gladys to purchase our first house. We were completely new to the real estate market and Gladys has been a mentor to teach us nuances of the market. She believes in educating her clients so they can make informed decisions. She works more as a friend than an agent. She never pushed us on anything and made sure we are not making emotional decisions. She is very thorough in her work. She does very good research about the house we were interested in and made sure we did not miss analyzing the house from any aspect that mattered to us. She also has a very good sense of how much the house would sell for in this market. Initially we used to bid lower than the amount Gladys suggested but we soon realized that her assessment is accurate. Bidding on the amount suggested by Gladys really helped us.

Bidding on house is one thing. She also did a tremendous job after we went into contract. The whole process was like a breeze for us because Gladys did all the heavy lifting. She was always on top of everything - from coordinating with escrow, bank officer to getting inspection done to numerous other things. We feel that Gladys is as good as one can be in her job. And above all, she is a very good friend whom we can trust for any advice related to home ownership.”

--Kamal T.


“Gladys is a real estate "super" agent. She knows the market very well and knows her customer very well and combines the two to achieve great results. She is very pro-active, punctual and always willing to go the extra mile for the customer. In my interactions with her I noticed that she treats every home purchase/sale as if it was her own home and gives it her best shot. I was glad to have her as my real estate agent when I bought my first home and would strongly recommend her for all real estate needs!!!”

--Santosh S.


“Gladys and I were colleagues at work before she decided to pursue her passion of working with people and helping them realize their dreams. Knowing her dedication and work ethic it was a no-brainer to talk to her about our first home purchase. She was very organized, methodical, patient and ever mindful of our needs. Being first time home buyers, we were all over the place and often confused but Gladys always had an answer to even some of our silliest questions and guided us through the process of helping us narrow down on prospective homes.

Eventually, we decided to make an offer and she negotiated a wonderful deal on our behalf. We did run into a few issues with the seller and lender but Gladys had us covered. There was a point in time when we wanted to get out of the contract and Gladys was fully supportive of our decision and even had come up a list of homes to keep looking! She not only has your best interest in mind but actually cares. Having invested so much time and energy to see a deal fall through, she could have coaxed us to move ahead with the deal but did not.

Eventually we did go through the deal but on our terms.

She even helped us out with recommendations on paints, furniture, picking out our upgrades at the studio and so much more.

I'll say this again, Gladys cares and genuinely so. She loves what she does, is good at it and it shows!

Talk to her and give her a chance to work with you.  You will not be disappointed.

Once again thank you Gladys ! :)

--Kranthi B.


“When we decided to buy our first home, I called Gladys- I remembered her from the time when she had just stopped by to say hi to us since we were new in the neighborhood....something she does very regularly. It took us about a year before we bought our house. In this one year, thanks to the tough market, we saw many homes, made many offers, changed our mind couple of times, but Gladys was there with us every step of the way. She never let us get discouraged, and also discouraged us from making an offer on a home that wasn't a good fit for our family. She really made an effort to get to know our family so that she could suggest homes based on that. She was so patient throughout and genuinely wanted to find us a home. She really likes what she does and that shows in her many kind gestures.

Even after we bought, she was always available for any recommendations for home improvement projects etc. We are really glad that Gladys was a part of this special milestone in our lives. Thank you Gladys!”

--Aneesha G.


“Gladys was absolutely wonderful. We were first time buyers and she walked us through every step of the process and really took the time to teach us about each step. She worked with our busy schedules to make it easy for us to meet her at her office, over the phone, or video conference.

Her help did not end when we bought our house either, she helped us find contractors to do renovations and helped us find a handyman.

Gladys made a very stressful process fun!”

--Ilana H.


“It was great pleasure working with Gladys. She is highly motivated and proactive at finding not only active listings but also potential future listing that fits our profile and needs. She is very much organized, patient and intelligent in her approach. Her professionalism impressed me the most. She cares very much for her Client's needs and honestly works to protect client's interest.

I am a first time home buyer and she guided us through the entire process and helped us understand things and was very supportive.

I will strongly recommend her to all my friends and will definitely work with her on our future home purchases.”

--Anusha M.


“I would like to recommend on Gladys services as a real estate agent.

Gladys helped me to rent a wonderful house, negotiate with the owners and prepare the contract.

What I like is that in addition to housing support, Gladys also helped in orientation, showed us the Sunnyvale/Cupertino neighborhood, gave us useful information where to shop, cars, mobile, cables and more.

I personally would use Gladys services when required.”

--Kfir A.


“Gladys was the real estate agent for my brother and me this past summer (2012) in selling the family house in Cupertino.

Gladys was wonderful.  Right from the very first she was attentive, listened to us and made all efforts to get to know us and our mother.  This personal touch, along with her warmth and professionalism made the whole experience go beautifully, without the stress, worry or emotions we thought might be involved.  She was extremely dependable, knowledgeable and thorough every step of the way.  She was very easy to communicate with and always sincere.

I highly recommend Gladys and would definitely ask for her assistance again, if the opportunity arose.”

--Diane M.


“We met Gladys during one of the open house, we instantly connected with Gladys. Gladys is very knowledgeable in this field and has a personal touch, which is very important. Gladys helped us for more than a year very patiently before we settled on a house in east bay.

Gladys is very thorough, ensures that she represented us in the best interest of us. Gladys was always available to us anytime, which our previous relator was not. She is a joy to work with and we had a wonderful experience working with her. Now since we have settled in our home, we are missing Gladys and that is the personal relationship that she builds.

Thank you Gladys for all help, patience and determination to get us a home. You are the best !!!”

--Kalyan S.


“I chose to work with Gladys because of her detailed knowledge of real estate and home compensation assessments in my neighborhood near Panama Park.

After the initial engagement, I became truly impressed with Gladys' rigorous attention to detail. She maintained a detailed list of actions which she shared with me both soft and hard copy. Gladys suggested improvements which would improve curb appeal and improve the overall viewing experience for prospective purchasers. Gladys provided suggestions for handymen, landscapers, and staging. The calendar was updated as changes were required to compensate for scheduling conflicts.

Gladys managed the entire process from beginning to end. I couldn't have been happier with her management of the process. It's exactly the way we manage projects at work. The house was priced so as to attract more than 4 and less than 10 offers; The price point ensured I would receive multiple offers from which to choose.”

I would recommend Gladys to anyone who is looking to sell their house, especially in the Panama Park neighborhood. I received multiple offers over the asking price and was happy with the entire process.”

--Marilyn W.


“Gladys is a patient partner when searching for a house. She spent tons of time in showing us the houses and understanding what we wanted / what kind of things we like and don't like. She really knows the Sunnyvale & Cupertino areas well.”

--Sumit G.